A pioneering company in in vitro diagnoses for low income countries and populations difficult to access

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Like all health professionals, we are at the patients’ service. Our business is medical in vitro diagnoses, a key tool for appropriate and rapid therapeutic response.

Our ambition is to benefit isolated communities, those deprived of water, electricity and/or competent personnel, or with limited financial resources, and facilitate their access to diagnostic tests validated by reliable clinical studies. Our offer is unique and differs from those adapted to rich countries alone.

Our priority is infectious diseases, responsible for five million deaths per year, of which over 90% are in the South and intermediate countries (Africa, Asia, and South America). Our strengths are technological innovation, taking into account the technical and economic constraints of the field, as well as an adapted business model.

Removing existing barriers is essential to provide millions of people with equitable access to new diagnostic and monitoring kits for better treatment of infectious diseases.

This issue concerns part of low-income countries and their future which also concerns, by extension, our very own future.

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